Why use FullStack?

We're a full-stack software consultancy offering many services. We have decades of real world success in helping start-ups and small companies bring their ideas to life.

How we can help

Architecture, security and performance

  • Enterprise web and application development and architecture
  • Performance optimization for mobile and web applications
  • Software and network security audits
  • Web, API, micro-service, and data tier performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning
  • Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions

Application development

  • JavaScript, Typescript, Scala, Java, Python, Go
  • HTML, CSS / Less / SASS, WebGL
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL
  • ElasticSearch, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis

Software life-cycle management

  • Agile methodologies, Scrum and Kanban
  • Test automation and test driven development
  • Source and build management with Jenkins, Hudson, Git, Maven, Gradle, Webpack, Docker

UX / UI design and development

  • User experience development
  • Web and mobile application UI design and layout
  • Landing pages and marketing materials

Please contact us for rates and availability.

A little about us

Deno Vichas

He got his start with the Apple II, Basic, BBSs, and FidoNet before moving on to Unix, Usenet and the PSTN. That led to a lifetime interest in the web, networks, distributed systems, security, crypto, AI, machine learning and IoT. In his spare time he's probably building music recording equipment or synths to make music with, snowboarding, mountain biking, and or out on a backpacking trip.

Specialties: Development, Security, Dev Ops, Networking, Database Administration, Management and Project Management.

Rob Fracisco

Rob started his creative life behind the lens of a camera. After graduating from UCSB he moved to Berkeley, CA, working various print jobs in both production and design. Most nights after work, he taught himself basic html to build a website for his photo magazine, biosfear. Basic web skills led to a design position at a web startup during the first dot-com era. Now with years of experience, he enjoys working on new and challenging projects. When not working, Rob can usually be found out on the road exploring and taking photographs with his partner Han and their three dogs.

Specialties: Discovering problems and being able to design and code solutions quickly to test in front of users.