Chris Degiere

As I have have no tolerance for liars and thieves I felt the need to write this page.  This is not something I wish to have to do but….


FullStack Systems was started as a partnership between myself and Chris Degiere.  Around the time of the second year I was getting frustrated with never being paid on time.  Since Chris never shared any of the company documents I started to ask questions to where a LOT of money was.  As we should have had plenty of saved up margins to cover when clients where slow to pay.

During the first year Chris was part of FullStack he worked a little bit, struggling to keep up, on the Stock Touch code and landed the deal with MAGICApp.  He did not do any technical work on MAGICApp.  During the the second year he did some work for Northern Trust where he had me do (while not telling the client as they wouldn’t have been happy about it) a code example (, then spent the rest of time gambling in the stock market (, and then finally took a job at LinkedIn without saying anything.

When asked for a company P&L, balanced sheet, anything he had nothing to show and the ~$200k I figured we had was already spent.  Basically after 2 years he had nothing to show except he’s will to embezzle and steal from a long term (ex)friend and business partner.  Even after being told if he couldn’t provide anything I can only assume that he’s a embezzler, which he had no comment too.   On top of this he stuck me with $2500 in out of pocket client related expenses.

So no, he was not the founder, he was co-founder, and most the stuff on his resume is pretty embellished.  I’m more than willing to share emails and git repos so prove so.



Hopefully my mistakes can be a lesson for other,

– Deno